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Posted in Uncategorized on August 8, 2016 by soriah23

A new dawn breaks, the light shines as spokes from the storm of what was. Things are looking nothing short of amazing for 2017. First of all after almost 5 years, the full band including Ashkelon Sain will be heading on the road this Winter in the West and continuing thru the Southwest and as far into the South and East as Atlanta in the Fall. Check out the Winter in the West 2017 tour dates below. Also, I’ll be lending my voice to THOR Harris of SWANS new studio album this Winter. I’ll be continuing my collaboration and performance with the venerably mojo-riffic David J here and in Mexico City, as well as Liberation Movement across the West in many festivals including this year’s Oregon Eclipse during the full solar eclipse in Central Oregon. I’ll also be making my annual trip to Tuva to learn, teach and absorb the many lessons that ancient land has to offer. I hope to run into you somewhere along this road. I’ll be happy when we meet.